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The downtime at the oil rig is prohibitive, so the value and benefits of VSAT service have never been questioned. Advanced communications solutions help digitize operations and improve overall business performance.

Data is constantly generated during drilling and seismic operations: monitoring, sensing, and sending all of this data back to coastal offices via satellite can be crucial to detect any problem areas.

Broadband satellite Internet allows operators to manage high-bandwidth applications, such as live video for rig monitoring and remote collaboration, transferring heavy data files, asset tracking, system automation, and cloud computing. Connecting computers to the global corporate network allows companies to gain knowledge about all operations, regardless of the region, and benefit from the effectiveness of digital automation.

Welfare crew

Offshore or ship workers spend weeks and months at sea. Crew needs a stable connection that allows them to chat with friends and family, broadcast media, or browse the web. Maintaining crew well-being has always been an important element for oil and gas companies.

Telemedicine and Health Aid

Health and safety have always been important to oil and gas companies. The high availability of satellite communications allows applications, such as telemedicine, to provide emergency medical care or safety training, as well as best practices for the crew on board.

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