Satellite communication channels are a well-proven solution to the problems of unifying company divisions (branches), located in remote regions, where ground infrastructure is poorly developed or completely lacking. They also offer a crucial ability to have a backup communication channel for critical applications.

Every year, large enterprises increase the capabilities of their corporate networks, adapting to the requirements of an ever-increasing volume of transmitted data, the need for communication between departments, complicated technological processes and software. Increasingly, satellite networks are becoming standard solutions for redundancy and backup connectivity for combining central offices with remote branches in various regions.

Development of technologies and management processes requires not only providing branches with corporate Internet, but also high-quality telephone communications, information exchange, and availability of backup communication channels.

CaspianSat offers companies with remote divisions organization of corporate satellite networks based on VSAT technologies.

A corporate communications network can be implemented as quickly as in 3 hours, depending on client specifications.

We offer:

  • complete independence from ground infrastructure;
  • short terms of deployment;
  • high level of information security;
  • easy integration into existing terrestrial telecommunication infrastructure;
  • scalability of the designed network;
  • possibility of a dynamic redistribution of satellite network bandwidth between individual nodes and directions;
  • remote control of a corporate satellite network by the Customer;
  • optimization of capital and operational costs for the deployment and maintenance of a corporate satellite network;
  • provision of turnkey integrated solutions.
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