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In today’s rapidly changing world of high technologies, it is important to have partners who not only share your aspirations for continuous development, but also keep up to date and are innovators in the growth.

New technologies are emerging to bring new opportunities to our customers. We make every effort to work with partners who help us to be among leaders of the industry and to evolve with them.


Azercosmos Open Joint Stock Company is a satellite operator based in Azerbaijan, and the first satellite operator in the Caucasus region. It is entirely owned by the Government of Azerbaijan. With the telecommunication satellites, the company provides broadband and broadcast services to customers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Caucasus, and Central Asia.

Azercosmos and Caspiansat signed a strategic partnership agreement aimed at expanding the provided data transmission services via Azercosmos satellite networks in the local and international markets. Under the new agreement, organizations plan to use their resources to provide solutions that cover basic telecommunication requirements, such as the Internet, telephony, television broadcasting, and other additional services over Azerspace-1 and Azerspace-2 satellites.

Both companies have unique experience in implementing satellite projects in the field of organizing corporate communications networks, backbone data access channels, regional TV broadcasting, as well as working with remotes on-the-move on land and at sea.

The cooperation will enable both companies not only to further strengthen their positions and gain access to wider markets for satellite communications and broadcasting services, but also to exchange technical know-how to improve the provision of satellite broadband services in the future.

Azerspace-1 – was launched in February 2013 and is equipped with 36 transponders: 24 in C-band and 12 in Ku-band. It is located at 46° East longitude. The anticipated lifespan of Azerspace-1 is 15 years.

Azerspace-2 – was launched on September 25, 2018. The satellite is equipped with 35 transponders in Ku-band, and is located at 45° East longitude. The lifespan of Azerspace-2 is expected to be 15 years.

Azersky – Earth Observation Satellite. In December 2014, Azercosmos took over the rights to operate and commercialize Azersky, high resolution (1.5m imagery products) optical Earth observation satellite, and entered into the commercial business of Earth observation services, including geo-Information services.

ST- Engineering

It is a leading manufacturer and provider of satellite communications solutions that provides enhanced connectivity to global customers, satellite operators, service providers and network operators and helps them differentiate their services and expand their business.

This comprehensive suite of satellite communications solutions is sold under the trademarks iDirect, Newtec and Agilis.

Today, ST-Engineering provides the work of many satellite networks in the world that provide communication between people and enterprises by land, sea and air. Offering seamless connectivity for voice, video and data in a diverse and challenging environment, their solution also helps grow the economy, support educational initiatives, increase productivity, save lives and create smart cities.


Intellian is a world leader in marine satellite communications antenna systems. The company was founded in 2004 and is showing huge growth year on year thanks to the opening of new offices and numerous product launches to offer an innovative and complete line of VSAT antennas and satellite TVRO antennas for pleasure boats and marine vessels in the commercial, oil sector. and gas markets and the military.

Intellian currently exports its products to six continents and more than 45 countries and has more than 400 contract dealers and a support network worldwide. Intellian is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and also has the Marine Technical Center in Busan, South Korea, as well as operations in the United States in Irvine, California; Seattle, Washington; and European operations in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Comtech EF DATA is a subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. and one of the leading providers of satellite bandwidth efficiency and communication optimization. High-performance terrestrial satellite communications equipment is deployed worldwide to support mission-critical and demanding applications for government, mobile transportation networks, premium enterprises and mobility.

The company provides solutions for service providers, satellite operators, government and commercial users who want to optimize communications, increase bandwidth and delight customers using Comtech brand performance and flexibility. Facilitating fixed and mobile networks in 160 countries, their product lines include: Heights Networking Platform, Satellite Modems, RAN and WAN Optimization, Network and Bandwidth Management, Frequency Conversion Solutions and Amplifiers

The solutions combine unprecedented power, efficiency and intelligence, providing cutting-edge technology to increase profitability, differentiate services and improve the quality of experience (QoE).

Comtech is expanding by acquiring Gilat Satellite Networks. Gilat Telecom provides a world-class solution for the challenging, global communication needs. Their solutions leverage the leading fixed and mobile satellite networks to provide a rich service offering.

By acquiring Gilat, company will have strategic benefits that include expanding its portfolio with complementary technologies and bolstering its position in the In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) and cellular backhaul markets.

Comtech also entered into an agreement to acquire UHP Networks, a Canadian provider of satellite ground station technology solutions. This is Comtech’s second ground segment acquisition in recent time.

Comtech is planning to use the technologies from each of the three entities to create a dominant world leader with combined pro-forma sales and approach.

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