Who We are

Established in 2013, CaspianSat specializes in designing and operating satellite communication solutions. We achieve our goals by using high-efficiency satellite, as well as long-range and high-throughput radio systems, combining them on the base of advanced network technologies.

Starting from infrastructure design to system installation, operation, and support, we provide a wide range of professional services utilizing our technical expertise and advanced technology.

In our daily operations we strive for excellence, with full commitment and confidence we meet our customers highest telecommunication expectations

QHSE commitment

We are committed to protecting human health, promoting safety, and safeguarding the environment. The company vigorously maintains a safety awareness culture.

So, our commitments are:

  • We implement a proactive QHSE leadership in all of our projects
  • We aim to prevent all accidents, incidents, and injuries
  • We provide high quality services and aim for continual improvement in all areas of our operations
  • We provide our staff with the right competency training and performance appraisal
  • We execute effective communication and dissemination of QHSE information to all teams

The principal function of QHSE at CaspianSat is to provide excellent quality, safety, occupational health, and environmental protection service, within a continuously developed QHSE plan constructed on adherence to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 standards.

Our People

Our people are our greatest strength. Everyone is expected to actively contribute to the overall success of the project; a team is encouraged to voice their opinions, ask questions, and suggest solutions.

Most of our employees have postgraduate education in one or more of the following disciplines: business, engineering, communications, and computer applications. Our team of professionals is constantly improving their skills through training and professional certification. courses.

In addition, members of our team regularly attend international exhibitions and conferences to stay abreast of industry dynamics.

Our employees have all necessary certificates to perform work at sea and on offshore platforms. They are allowed on helicopter flights and regularly undergo necessary medical checkups.

Our highly motivated professionals work to meet customer deadlines worldwide, regardless of time zones and operational conditions.

BOSIET – Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training

STCW – Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping. It is a worldwide convention that ensures a lateral standard of training is achieved across all countries in the world.

Why choose us

VSAT Internet can be used in a wide range of businesses and is suitable for installation in any environment. Our VSAT service provides broadband capabilities anywhere, even in the most remote locations.

CaspianSat VSAT Internet solution offers a dedicated, as well as shared broadband for private and public enterprises. We provide reliable, affordable, and secure two-way IP connectivity. As a partner of the satellite network operator and owner of its own the Newtec HUB platform, we can handle any of your technical support issues directly.

Our team can advise on the most cost-effective solutions based on your requirements, such as group bandwidth and ground network infrastructure connected to your headquarters.

Why CaspianSat

We own the VSAT platform, located directly on the network operator ground station, at the source

We supply, install, maintain remote locations and perform preventive maintenance for our customers

We understand your IT environment and optimize our solutions to your IT requirements

We offer various packages suitable for a wide range of purposes

We can customize our services according to your needs

Our experienced team will advise on the most cost-effective solutions for your broadband needs

We can guarantee SLA and offer tailor-made solutions, providing your business with the best, fastest, and most effective technical support.

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